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Yes, You Need A Peer Advisory Group

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Yes, You Need A Peer Advisory Group

We are living in the information age — we have the world’s knowledge literally at our fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s pretty awesome when you think about it! 

But when you start digging to find the information you need, it can be overwhelming. There are so many voices, a deluge of experts, all vying for your time, attention, and money. How can you possibly know who to listen to and accept advice from? 

Besides, those experts might be smart, but they don’t really know you or your leadership complexities. You need people who you can talk to in real life, who can see the whites of your eyes and ask the right questions — because they know you. You need relationships. 

You need a peer advisory group. 

Better than Networking

Networking groups have benefits, to be sure, but they only scratch the surface of the power of a peer advisory group.

Networking groups are great to bust open your circle of contacts. You meet people, collect  business cards and give some away.  

But when you really need help with a problem or don’t even know what questions to ask, you need something more than a morning of handshakes and a handful of business cards. You need a peer advisory group. 

Yes, You need one

Certainly, networking may happen as a natural result of a peer advisory group, but a peer advisory group is not a competitive atmosphere where you need a perfect elevator speech or a flashy business card. It’s a place where community and business leaders come together and help each other find solutions and support. It’s a handful of people who you trust because they are willing to help you be successful. 

A peer advisory group pushes beyond the edges of awkward small talk and becomes a valuable resource for you as a leader. Forbes says there are at least five benefits to a peer advisory group, and says they’re beneficial to all senior leaders

Confidentiality, feedback, ideation, and accountability are some of the ways your peer advisors can help you toward professional and personal success. And, not to mention, you can be that for someone else, too. Someone else will need your experience, expertise, feedback, and wisdom, and a peer advisory group might just be the perfect place you can give those things to those who need it most. 

Worth It

The Internet is amazing, for sure. After all, as the venerable and immortal School House Rock videos tell us, “knowledge is power!”

But when you need help, feedback, and ideas from trusted friends — or just a place where people “get it” — find a peer advisory group. You’ll be glad you did. 

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