Consulting for Businesses

Every business can benefit from an objective business consulting relationship, whether you’re just starting out, at the top of your game, or somewhere in between.


How it works

Your business consultant should have one objective: To help your organization reach its maximum growth potential. When you partner with Bart Justice, your business will enjoy:
A thorough evaluation of your current practices and business objectives
Constructive feedback on what to continue, start, or stop doing
One-on-one, personal consultations with key stakeholders
A close study of your personnel, business tools, and facilities
Specific, ongoing guidance, support, and motivation for reaching your goals
Your business is different from every other, from the products and services you offer to the unique way you deliver them; from the people on your team to the mission, vision, and values that guide them. A cookie-cutter approach to improvement and just won’t cut it. Your business deserves the customized Christian consulting that Bart Justice can deliver.