A culture where people and organizations thrive through meaningful connections and growing discernment.


One-on-one and team coaching, DISC and Judgment Index assessments


Helping growing businesses set goals, develop personnel and work efficiently

Pastoral Care

Christ-centered discipleship for men and couples

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55-minute Coaching session

Package Deals

Includes five (5) 55-minutes sessions and the Judgment Index assessment and DISC personality profile.

Includes 55-minute onboarding session with Judgment Index assessment and DISC personality profile and twelve (12) 90-minute sessions, and comes with 25% off consulting and other coaching prices.


“Bart is an authentic person who brings a wealth of business understanding from a heart of passion for helping others succeed.”
“I've known Bart most of his adult life and we've served our community together for most of that time. He is wise, insightful, and tireless in his pursuit of the best for others.”
“Bart has a wealth of knowledge and tools about business and leadership principles and can relate it to the day to day real world.”