How it works

Much like a sports coach, a business coach’s goal is to see you achieve maximum success personally as well as professionally as a leader within your organization. When you invest in one-on-one or team coaching with Bart Justice, you’ll enjoy:

Constructive and Unbiased Feedback
Personal Attention and Confidentiality
Objective Insights from a Fresh Perspective
Christ-Centered Motivational Support
Honest Accountability Check-ins for the Goals You’ve Set

Leveraging his years of hands-on leadership experience and counseling background, Bart will help you overcome your fears, lead you through the tough decisions, and cheer you on as you develop as a leader.

Coaching for Leaders

No matter what level you’ve reached within your organization, teaming up with a business coach will up your leadership game.

Tools for Success

In addition to in-person or virtual coaching sessions, Bart is certified to administer and interpret the Judgment Index and DiSC assessments to dig deeper into your leadership qualifications and potential. These results will help Bart to design a highly-detailed coaching plan specifically for each client.