What is the Judgment Index™?

People can have pleasing and engaging personalities. They may even have the prerequisite skill sets, experiences, and knowledge your organization requires.

However, if they do not possess good judgment – the determining factor in how every other talent and capability they offer is utilized – successful outcomes are often not realized.

A person’s value system is crucial in the choices one makes. This is not something a person has, it is who they are! It evolves throughout our lives and is influenced by every event, experience and individual who touches our lives. Our values are the lens through which we see the world and make decisions. The Judgment Index™ measures how well developed and how well we utilize that values system to make good decisions.

Popular Judgment Index Reports

Pre-Hire Report

The Pre-hiring Assessment Review (PAR4) is designed to help an organization hire better job candidates and potentially avoid issues dealing with retail theft, drug use, and/or aberrant behaviors. Proven highly effective in the restaurant and quick service industry.

Engagement Report

The Engagement Index measures an employee’s “attachment” to a company. Engagement is defined as the emotional attachment an individual feels towards an organization. It is a critical factor in determining the discretionary effort, loyalty, morale, and ultimate performance of an employee. Looks at an employee in four quadrants and provides appropriate metrics.

Blue Diamond Personalized Narrative

This personalized 44+ page report provides a personal in-depth analysis of a person’s Judgment Index™ score results. It notes the strength and how an individual makes judgments enabling you to make sure you have the right person in the right position within your workforce and points out areas for improvement.