When it comes to hiring the next person for your company or organization, the all-important question boils down to one word: Who? You know the candidates have what you’re looking for: the education, the experience, the chops. But how do you know if it will, you know, work out? How do you know if they are a fit for your company? Your culture? Your mission?

The Judgment Index doesn’t sound like it would be a tool to help you answer that question. But it might actually be the perfect tool to help you answer that question. It actually has to do with values, and it will help you find that who you’re looking for.

Beyond Personality

It may be tempting or appealing to turn to personality assessments to help you answer this question. And that’s not a bad idea—knowing the existing personalities and the personality you’re potentially bringing in can be a helpful piece of insight. But personality assessments can only take you so far. They can’t tell you if the person you’re looking at has the same values or principles of your company.


The Judgment Index, on the other hand, helps you identify the person or persons who might fit best in your company and culture based on that person’s value system. In other words, do their general moral standards and align with the company’s?


The Judgment Index isn’t just about determining values. It’s also how that person applies those values—do they have the decision-making capabilities that your team needs for the position? Does the candidate have the right judgment capabilities needed for the role you’re looking to fill? The Judgment Index helps you see beyond the black-and-white qualifications presented on the résumé to understand the decision-making capabilities. 


Until the Judgment Index came along as a result of Robert S. Hartman in the mid-20th century, these traits and qualities in someone were unable to be measured. The Hartman Value Profile was Hartman’s way of contributing good to humanity in the face of devastating evil the world had seen in World War II. (If only we’d had the Judgment Index for world leaders back then!) 

A Team of Experts

Our very own Bart Justice of Axios Solutions is an Accredited JI Associate. He can help you walk through the Judgment Index for your next round of hiring. Fill out the form below to download a sample pre-hire and engagement report to get an idea of how valuable the JI can be for your organization. Bart can help you through the process, and if your timetable doesn’t work with Bart’s availability, he has a network full of JI experts he can connect you to. In fact, you might meet one in the Christian Leadership MashUp™! Hey, you never know. 


If you’re looking to hire someone sooner rather than later, connect with Bart to see how the Judgment Index can help you find the right person for the right position.