Press Release

D. Bart Justice
Phone: (256) 517-3501
Summary: Axios Solutions will hold a free webinar for business, community, and faith leaders on April 6th at 3:30 p.m. CDT.


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama —While some businesses are moving back to in-person meetings, others have adapted to the convenience of online learning. Axios Solutions, a hub for leadership development, is hosting a free webinar to help leaders grow in their roles. 


The 35-40 minute webinar, “The Secret to How the World’s Most Successful Leaders Learn” will be held on April 6 at 3:30 p.m. CDT. 


“We know that ‘leaders are learners’ but they learn differently than other folks,” said Bart Justice, founder and Chief Connector at Axios Solutions. “We know ‘leaders are readers’ but it may surprise folks how and why they read. And, we know that leaders engage other leaders in specific ways to grow and continue learning.”


Axios Solutions was founded to help business, church and community leaders develop the skills they need to thrive, all while offering counseling options to support them spiritually. This webinar is designed to inspire leaders to grow in their fields and get connected to the different resources available to them. 


“We will explore some of the ways that leaders engage in learning, reading, and masterminding in this webinar,” Justice said. 


Participants will also get a special offer from Axios Solutions for attending the webinar. 


Register for the free webinar at


Founded in 1998, Axios Solutions offers leadership coaching, development and consulting as well as pastoral care. Axios also offers The Christian Leadership MashUp™, an online peer advisory group for leaders to brainstorm ideas, support one another and “help busy Christian leaders become men and women their organizations want to follow.” Bart Justice invests the gift of time to spur leaders to live worthy (axios) of their calling.


For more information on Axios Solutions, check out the website at or contact Bart Justice directly at (256) 517-3501.