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Don’t Wait Until You Need It To Begin Personal Development

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Don’t Wait Until You Need It To Begin Personal Development

It’s been said that you’re always in one of three places: In the middle of a storm, coming out of a storm, or headed into one. Storms of life aren’t that much fun, but it’s in the storms that you find out what you’re made of — what’s really inside of you. 

But here’s the thing: it can either be a surprise discovery, or an anticipated result. 

If you want it to be a discovery, then stop reading right now and carry on with your life, oblivious and indifferent to the amazing possibilities ahead. No offense taken. Just know it might not be a pleasant surprise. 

If you want it to be an anticipated result — something you’ve planned and prepared for — then it’s time to start moving on your personal development. That’s what’s going to help you weather the next storm. 

Start Now

When you engage and invest in your own personal development consistently and incrementally, you’re preparing yourself for your next storm. You may still be learning from the last storm, and that’s okay. But you have the opportunity to decide what is going to come out of yourself when you get jostled by whatever the next storm throws your way. 

Because you do not want to be surprised by what comes out of yourself in that moment. It only adds to the trauma, confusion and damage of the storm. 

If you’re always moving forward with an eye to the big picture and the person you’re becoming, then it won’t matter what happens in the storm. You’re going to survive because you’ve taken the time to build your character, your resolve, and your confidence. The storm may still leave some bruises or scars, but the damage will be minimal because you’ll be prepared.

Don’t Wait—Please Don’t Wait

Your personal development is kind of like the airbag in your car. You can’t wait until you need the airbag to start working on it.  

Because in the case of a crash — especially a head-on collision — you have to be sure that whatever comes from your steering wheel in that moment has been developed to the highest safety standards possible. Because it’s probably going to save your life. 

But if you wait until the moment you need the airbag to commission an engineer to make you one that will save your life, it’s too late. You don’t have time for that. You need to know it’s there now, ready to spring into action — to deploy at the exact moment you need it. 

That requires proper planning, preparation, and quality control. 

Don’t wait until you need your personal development to start working on it. Start thinking about it now. Read books, set goals, and find friends who care enough to talk you through things. Start taking steps toward your personal development. 

Because when you need the character, the problem-solving skills, the self-awareness, and the resolve, you won’t have time to gather it. You’ll need it immediately. 

When the next storm swirls, you’ll be glad you put in the time for your personal development. 

Start now. Start here. 

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